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Advanced Wound Closure with Interlaced Locking Technology

Close Wounds in Seconds without Stitches

Senvok emergency wound closure devices are a non-invasive, rapid and painless, alternative to stitches, allow you fast and easy to close a wound in injury emergency.

How Senvok Emergency Wound Closure Works

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Senvok Wound Closure Device(PU 2 Straps)


Senvok Wound Closure Device(PU 3 Straps)


Senvok Wound Closure Device(PU 10 Straps)


Senvok Wound Closure Device(Non-woven)

Advantages of Senvok Wound Closure

  • Rapid & painless to close wounds

  • No sutures and non-invasive

  • Heal quickly & fewer scars

  • Easy to use and remove

  • Strong and secure

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